Name: gubaba

My Mission:

To captivate people was what started my interest in art. As a child I always loved attention, but when it was because I did something extraordinary it sparked an indescribable feeling. Each piece I drew from a young age was never perfect enough, I did more and more… and I was spurred on by seeing others’ more impressive work. What was a hobby then became a dream.

From doing watercolor paintings, charcoal, pencil, and inked drawings, I then moved along with the technological age into working with computers. Graphical Design was a whole new level of perfection to me; I loved it because of the versatility and the fact that I didn’t have to go through stack after stack of papers for practice. I could open a blank canvas on the computer screen, design a complex logo, take a break, and then the piece would be the same without smudge marks, dog drool, or any other mishap that could occur when you leave an art piece alone for too long.

I have been given the opportunity to make many website logos, character concept designs for games, designing children’s book covers, and more.

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